Date Day Duty Description Venue
01 Friday Attending the Stone Laying Ceremony Organized by Departmant of Nationala Community Water Supply National Community Water Supply Ampara.
    Attending the Domestic Air Services Operning Ceremony Airport Batticaloa
02  Saturday

Attending the Licenses and Grants Distribution Ceremony.

*.Eragama /*.Sammanthurai / *.Thirukkovil


03 Sunday Attending the Final Episode Supreme Chef Programme Batticaloa.
04 Monday Public Holiday  -
05  Tuesday
Attendinf the 2019 Budget of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lank Pariament Colombo.
06  Wednesday
Office Work / In the Evening Attending the Tooth Relic Religious Ceremony.
          Office Premises/ Kahatagasyaya Temple
07 Thursday
Attemding the Cultivation Meeting Office Premises
08 Friday
Office Work/Attending Meeting on "Sashanarakshaka Balamandala" Meeting Office Premises
Attending the "Internation Women's Day" Programme ,which is Presided by Ambassador Dubai Arugambay Pacific Hotel
10 Sunday
Attending the Discussion on "Army Swarm" (Sena Dalanbuwa) Office Premises.
11 Monday Office Work/Attendinf the Perception and media Literacy for the School Children ,Oraganized by the Press Department Office Premises.
12 Tuesday Office Work  Office Premises.
13 Wednesday Office Work / Leaving Ampara to Colombo Office Premises/Ampara - Colombo
14 Thursday GA Conference Colombo 
15 Friday GA Conference  Colombo
16 Saturday  - -
17  Sunday  - -
18  Monday Attending the Competition for the Creation of Green sand Fermentation "Nelum Pokuna Theatre" Colombo
Tuesday  - -
Medin Full Moon Poya Day - 
21 Thursday  Office Work  Office Premises 
22  Friday  Office Work Office Premises 
 23  Saturday  -   - 
24 Sunday -  -
25 Monday Office Work  Office Premises
26 Tuesday Office Work  Office Premises
27 Wednesday Office Work   Office Premises
28 Thursday Office Work 
Office Premises
29 Friday Office Work  Office Premises
30 Saturday - -
31 Sunday - -