Date Day Duty Description Venue
01 Thursday Attending the Special Ceremony of Recruitment  New Development Officers 2019 Hardy College Auditorium_Ampara.
Attending the DS Office Inspection. Addalachchenai DS Office .
Attending the Inauguration Ceremony of Galoya Nimna Clinical Society  Monty Hotel - Ampara.
02 Friday Attending the Opening Ceremony of Housing Scheme Presited by Hon.Minister Sajith Premadasa Weeragoda "Sandahisagama" Uhana DSD.
03  Saturday Attending the Special Sports Festival performed by Speical Needs People. "Indrasarapura" Play Ground -Ampara.
Attending the Development Project Inspection "Gamperaliya" Reconciliation and othe development in the area. Ampara DSD.
04 Sunday Attending the Water supply projects and Insfrastructure Development under the Resettlement Programme Navithanveli DSD.
05 Monday                            Office Work                            Attending the programme on Disaster Management  presided by DG Disaster Management               Office Premises.
06 Tuesday Attending the DS Conference Thirukkovil DS Office.
07 Wednesday Office Work Office Premises .
Leaving Ampara to Colombo Ampara-Colombo. 
08 Thursday Attending the GA Conference. SLIDA Colombo.
09 Friday Attending the Board Meeting "Galoya Plantation (Pvt) Ltd" Board Room -LOLC Rajagiriya.
10 Saturday Leaving Colombo to Ampara Colombo - Ampara.
11 Sunday Attending the Field Inspection on the issue        Pottuvil Urani Lagoon Development.        Attending the "Gamperaliya" and other Fishing and Livehood Development Projects in the Area.       Pottuvil DSD.
12 Monday Office Work Office Premises.
13 Tuesday Office Work Office Premises.
14 Wednesday Office Work Office Premises.
15  Thursday                              Office Work                           Attending the Preparatory Discussion on     Reconcliation Programme to be presided     by Hon.Chandrika Bandaranayake.                                 Office Premises. 
16 Friday Office Work Office Premises. 
17 Saturday - - 
18 Sunday - -
 19 Monday Office Work Office Premises. 
20 Thuesday Office Work  Office Premises. 
21 Wednesday Office Work  Office Premises. 
22 Thursday                           Office Work                                      Attending the "Gama Rekuma" Special Programme to be presided by DG Gama Rekuma Secretariat,Presidential Secretariat. Office Premises. 
23 Friday Office Work Office Premises.
Attending the Meeting on "STAAR" Project chaired by Secretary ,Ministry of Plantation. Office Premises.
24 Saturday - - 
25 Sunday - - 
26 Monday Office Work Office Premises. 
27 Tuesday Office Work Office Premises.
28 Wednesday Office Work Office Premises.
29 Thursday Office Work Office Premises.
30 Friday  Office Work  Office Premises.
31 Saturday  Office Work Office Premises.